Domestic and worldwide shipping of pharmaceuticals at a controlled temperature (-20°c; +2°c/+8°c; 15°c/+25°c)


ITAVIA, thanks to temperature- control devices installed by carriers aboard ships, aircraft and at terminals, guarantees temperature-controlled transportation by air, sea or land in compliance with GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

A worldwide network of partners (Pharmafreight), selected to manage the arrival, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery of goods in non-EU countries ensures the use of refrigerated and air-conditioned containers and transportation thereby guaranteeing that maximum care and attention is taken throughout all stages of transportation, 

The packaging solutions adopted are developed, produced and validated in compliance with international air, sea, and land regulatory transportation standards. They are state-of-the art isothermal systems which guarantee and certify temperature control from 24 to 96 hours, as required.

pharmaceutical shipments


For passive-temperature airborne cargo, various types and sizes of VA-Q-TAINER containers are used, designed to meet the extreme requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (96lt,1euro pallet/bulk loading; I euro pallet/1 US pallet/bulk loading; 2 euro pallet/2 US pallet/bulk loading). The containers ensure the temperature control of large shipments of temperature-sensitive products.

For active-temperature airborne cargo, Envirotainers (temperature-controlled containers of various types (RAP/RKN) are used which adopt a diverse technology involving compressor cooling and electric heating. Designed for the extreme requirements of the healthcare industry, the various types of Envirotainers maintain product temperatures in most of the climatic conditions to be found along worldwide shipping routes and ensure that shipments can be carried out at a stable temperature regardless of climatic conditions.

refrigerated air transportation

We also adopt advanced, easy-to-use packaging solutions, such as isothermal pallet coverings, made of plastic bubble wrap and aluminium film that reflect the sun’s rays, to protect medicines from very high temperatures and thermal extremes, especially during airport transfers.

Maritime containers (refeers from 20’/40’ equipped with a refrigerated unit) are loaded at port embarkation terminals equipped with power bollards to which refeers can be hooked up.

These containers are stored in areas aboard ships fitted with power bollards to ensure that the temperature is maintained from the beginning to the end of the shipment.

Refrigerated sea transportation


Insulated and refrigerated vehicles ensure the integrity of transported medicines from start to finish -- refrigerated Thermo King units suitable for any size of vehicle from small trucks and vans to truck tractors and semi-trailers are used.

  • Temperature-controlled transportation + 15°C/+25°C (medical devices);
  • Frozen transportation -20°C (biological samples);
  • Refrigerated transportation +2°C/+8°C (pharmaceuticals);
  • Refrigerated Thermo King units for small trucks and vans to truck tractors and semi-trailers

Environmental conditions are monitored by certified data logger devices which trace routes and produce temperature graphs.

Insulated and refrigerated vehicles ensure that a controlled temperature
(-20°/+2°/+8°, +15°/+25°) is maintained for any interval required.

With our diversified vehicle fleet we can satisfy any type of requirement with the utmost efficiency and flexibility, even in emergency situations

The vehicles are fitted with satellite controlled anti-intrusion devices.




The Good Distribution Practice is a certification testifying to the quality of the logistics, warehousing and shipping services at controlled temperatures for pharmaceutical products.



Certification of European Status as an Authorized Economic Operator granted by the European Community – AEO No. IT AEOF 18 1477.


ISO 9001:2015

Certification regarding shipping, warehousing and logistics services, including the handling of customs clearance formalities.


  • Registration No. RMT5823577J in the Provincial Register for the Transport of Goods on behalf of Third Parties within Italy, in vehicles with a fully loaded overall weight of 1.5 tonnes
  • Trucking transportation permit No. N GA3X8L for transport of goods on behalf of third parties in heavy duty vehicles issued by the M.C.T.C. of Rome on July 7 1986
  • Registration No. 646 of 22/12/2009 in the interprovincial Roll of Freight Companies
  • EU Licence No. 00072822 for international road transport of goods on behalf of third parties
  • Compliance with local customs clearance procedures
  • Permit No. 44513809 from the Italian Customs Agency for the utilization of the Customs Electronic Data Interchange system (EDI).