Itavia uses devices with an advanced transport temperature monitoring, the so-called Dataloggers very easy to use, with a “plug-n-play” system. The device allows you to download and print the transport temperature report. A simple and efficient way to share data between the parties involved

Itavia also offers various types of dataloggers, including SensiTech Ultra products, excellent for domestic deliveries or in all those cases in which recipients cannot have access to the software and they rather prefer a plug & play system to easily share or archive data temperature records

They support up to 6 programmable times, of temperature and duration alarms. They are fully validated for pharmaceutical transport and for the transport of biological samples.

Some features:

  • Duration of 144 days
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Humidity measurement
  • Data storage and charter graph
  • Temperature accuracy range: ± 0,5°C from -10°C to 45°C; ± 1,0°C from 45° C to 70°C; ± 1,0°C from -30°C to -10°C
  • Battery life up to 1 year.