The strongest link in the cold chain

Packaging Solutions



To ship airborne goods at active temperatures, Itavia uses various types of Envirotainers (temperature-controlled containers) like (RAP / RKN) , which adopt a different and innovative technology: electric cooling and heating compressor.

Designed for the extreme demands of the healthcare industry, the Envirotainers ensure that shipments can be carried out at a stable temperature regardless of the global climatic conditions.

The Envirotainers are ULD (Unit Load Device) certified, for airborne cargo, and they guarantee a worldwide continuous management solution along the entire cold chain system.


  • Energy sources, that can be recharged at standard AC power connection points
  • Battery life of at least 30 hours, in extreme conditionse
  • Batteries charged (from 0 to 100%) in 8/10 hours depending on the type of container