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For International and domestic shipping: ITAVIA is your global partner. We are at your side every day.


What we offer: Transportation of goods in general; transportation of pharmaceutical products at controlled temperatures; expert advice on all your customs clearance, logistics and distribution needs.

Our services are of the highest standard. Our expert team will offer you customized assistance from the first to the last mile.

Itavia means efficient, cost-effective shipping, with measureable results.

Choose Itavia. You will have:

  • Tailor-made solutions for inbound and outbound shipping, based on the countries of transit and destination
  • The most appropriate modes of transport for any destination, even for remote, difficult to reach locations
  • Professional strategic and managerial advice on logistics, distribution, customs clearance and related tax matters


Our reliability is certified.


Sede operativa:
Via Ardeatina 2479 - Santa Palomba
00134 - Roma
Tel. 06 99704824 | Fax 45447551
P.IVA 07878281000

North Italy operation center:
Via del Gregge, 100 - 21014 - Lonate Pozzolo (VA) - Milan Malpensa Airport
Tel. 0331-301796


Uffici direzionali
Via Simone Martini, 120 - 00142 Roma
Tel 06 40042755 Fax 06 51963534